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Business analysis services to meet your needs

Old Mill Consulting Services business analysts are proven, experienced professionals who can work on their own or embed themselves within your existing teams. 


We can also provide small teams of business analysts, the advantage of this being that not only are you hiring proven business analysts but you are also realising the benefits of an established team that can take months or years to build.


Our  guiding principles are :

  • Clarity

  • Simplicity

  • Flexibility

  • Value

Our services

We offer business analysis services to work alongside other key roles in projects such as project managers, product owners, scrum masters, developers, solution architects and enterprise architects

Given how ambiguous the title "business analyst" is, we can summarise what we offer in 3 areas :


Sample use case diagram
Sample JIRA graphic

Elicitation, documentation, prioritisation and change management in waterfall and agile environments 


Data Model graphic

Logical data modelling and documentation in a business-friendly format. Extraction of data for business analysis purposes


Sample BPM graphic

As-is and to-be process modelling in your tool of choice with detailed analysis whenever required

And because we like to keep things simple, that's it. We have a Common Questions and Answers section.

We are happy to discuss your requirements - and we'll always aim to be honest and open. You can contact us by form or using the details at the bottom of this page.
We offer Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS)

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